Sunday, March 26, 2017


I just found this IP, from Mravel or Hasbro (? I have to check). Seems a good reference, I have to check more about this.

Micronauts (Wikipedia)  and

Google search on images for Micronauts

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Textures and materials

An approach to the look'n feel on textures and materials for the inner universe of the cell.

Story Board 1

Initial approach to the story board of the game.

User Interface : first approach

An initial approach to the interface in the game

The panels are semitransparent and a blue "indiglo" color connotes a high tech cartoon look.

SketchFab collection for MicroShotsVR

Here is the SketchFab collection of dioramas and scenes for the game.

Nanotech exhibition in Science Museum in Seattle

These images will help for inspiration and are related to the nano technology topic.

Previous prototype or proof of concept

A previous fast prototype was developed as a proof of concept of the idea, also trying to flesh out mechanics and possible look n feel.

Image capture from the prototype concept

Note: This link will require "flash" plugin in order to run in the browser.